EKFR | Kingsman: The Secret Service


STARRING: Colin Firth, Samuel Jackson, Taron Egerton, Mark Strong, Michael Caine

DIRECTED BY: Matthew Vaughn

YEAR: 2015


A secret spy organisation by the name of Kingsman is looking for a new recruit, with young chav Eggsy (Taron Egerton) brought in for training as picked by Harry Hart (Colin Firth), who served with Eggsy’s long deceased father as part of the service.

Meanwhile, internet entrepreneur Richmond Valentine (Samuel Jackson) unveils his latest invention which, while on the surface a breakthrough in technology that will benefit the public greatly, may serve a darker purpose for the lisp-ridden billionaire…



  • Great cast across the board, with most of the actors fitting the ideal roles such as Colin Firth, Mark Strong and Michael Caine
  • Samuel Jackson surprisingly pulling off an geeky villain amusingly well
  • Strong comedy that balances out well with the underlying drama
  • Plentiful in action, particularly towards the end where it features tonnes of mind-blowing, over the top insanity in which you can’t help but laugh and cheer at as it unfolds
  • Lots of interesting and clever ideas
  • A few twist and turns thrown in, with one or two unpredictable scenes that are legitimately surprising.
  • Various instances of impressive camerawork
  • Quite an interesting use of product placement that comes out of nowhere but is entertainingly handled
  • That church scene. If you’ve seen it, you know…



  • The CGI can look pretty glaring and blatant at times
  • Depending on individual tastes, the story may get a little too silly for its own good



A ball-busting flick that is insanely fun, action-packed, hilarious, featuring memorable characters and overall taking the spy genre to another level; imagine the Roger Moore 007 films for the modern generation. Just be prepared to not take it so seriously.

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